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Online Foresight Guide

This site is intended to provide support to Foresight practitioners and users at local, regional, sectoral and national or trans-national level who are either running a Foresight exercise or planning to start one.

You have the option to use either a multi-direction support mechanism in which the individuals and organisations within the Foresight community actively support one another or a bilateral support mechanism in which JRC-IPTS will answer to individual queries or refer users to other sources and contacts.

The multi-direction support mechanism is embedded into an Online Discussion Forum of the FTA community which aims:

The bilateral support provided by JCR-IPTS is limited to the scope of the Online Foresight Guide. It therefore covers the following aspects of Foresight:

Another source for support and information are the Foresight correspondents of the EFMN (European Foresight Monitoring Network) that often have first hand experience conducting foresight exercises as well as being nodes covering most European regions.

We recommend that you browse through the Online Foresight Guide to check for information and updates. Please let us know how you think we can improve any aspect of the guide. If you want to go in depth into any of the aspects outlined in the guide, or if you have any question related to these aspects, please send us a query using the form below.

The service we provide here is particularly targeted at people who are starting or planning to start a Foresight exercise and need support and information on the aspects highlighted above.

The FOR-LEARN team will generally answer the questions received via the query system by email within 10 working days. A systematic procedure has been put in place to deal with each individual query and the FOR-LEARN team will either answer your question directly, refer you to a suitable resource, or point you in the direction of experienced practitioners you can contact.

If the questions we receive show there to be specific Foresight related issues that concern a variety of users, we may organise a workshop at which a group of experienced practitioners can share their know-how.

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