Handbook for Knowledge Society Foresight

Online Foresight Guide

Ian Miles & Michael Keenan (PREST) and Jari Kaivo-oja (FFRC)


The Handbook was produced for the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (EFL).



The Handbook is neither an essay on KSF nor is it simply a toolkit of ways we can think about long-term futures. It is a guide to Foresight and to making decisions to undertake activity in the field. It is illustrated with some examples drawn from relevant activities around the world, while a series of Annexes provide more discussion, essays and resource materials for those wishing to pursue matters more deeply.

Key Questions:

More information:

  • Download the handbook in pdf format [~1.5Mb] [http://foretech.online.bg/docs/EFL_Handbook_October.pdf]