EU-US Scientific Seminar: New Technology Foresight, Forecasting & Assessment Methods

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New Horizons and Challenges for Future-oriented Technology

Author(s): Fabiana SCAPOLO, Eamonn CAHILL

EUR No: 21473 EN

The proceedings include the collection of the debates and the papers presented to the first EU-US Scientific Seminar on New Technology Foresight, Forecasting and Assessment Methods. The report also provides a Synthesis Paper summarising the relevant issues discussed at the Seminar and some general conclusions. Future-oriented technology analyses (FTA) have seen a rejuvenation and growth in the past two decades, but there has been little systematic attention to conceptual development, research on improved methods, methodological choice, or how best to merge empirical/analytical methods with stakeholder engagement processes. This scientific seminar was an occasion for methodological innovators and practitioners to share and germinate ideas.