OST Horizon Scanning Centre (UK)

Online Foresight Guide

This toolkit based on 5 years' experience of the Office of Science and Technology's (OST) futures programme, Foresight, is provided. It contains information not only on horizon scanning but also on many other useful futures techniques. It is conceived as a resource to dip into at various stages in a piece of futures work. Its simple navigation system enables you to consult it at different levels of detail.

What the Toolkit covers:

  1. an introduction to S&T futures
    - what it is
    - why do it
    - what it involves
  2. scoping the work
    - how to pick an area
    - how to decide your approach
  3. adding value
    - analysis
    - testing and development
    - engagement & communication

What the Toolkit provides:

It is for everyone involved in futures work from the novice to the expert.