Regional Foresight

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Regional Foresight is Foresight with a territorial focus where the territory considered is a sub-national geographical region within one or more countries. It therefore aims to inform and orient decisions that are taken at this sub-national level. This may be a region of a federal state or a region stretching across several nations. An important factor in its success is to take into account the local identity and the political leverage.

A regional Foresight activity will exist in the context of activities in other regions and at national level. It will almost always be desirable to make use of the outputs from these other sources and the experience acquired. There may be exceptions where the approach being adopted is radically different, or where there is a strong need to differentiate regional activities - for instance where a national programme is seen as not paying sufficient attention to regional issues. There may be sensitivities involved where the networks established in different exercises overlap too.

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