EFMN correspondents’ day 2007: Foresight and Europe

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This year’s European Foresight Monitoring Network (EFMN) correspondents’ day took place in Brussels on the 24th -25th September 2007. The network comprises European policy professionals, foresight experts and practitioners as well as analysts of science, technology and innovation related issues. For more information see the new EFMN website.

The aim of the EFMN correspondent’s day was to give the members of the largely virtual EFMN community the chance to meet one another in the flesh. The event itself strikes a good balance between presentations of interesting foresight content and the opportunity to network with like minded professionals. A number of interesting speakers on the topic of ‘Europe and Foresight’ were invited, covering the whole range from policy-makers, corporate Foresight and policy foresight practitioners. More details are given in the detailed outline of the event.

Highlights of event