The FORLEARN Mutual Learning workshops

Online Foresight Guide

In addition to the Online Foresight Guide, the second module of the FORLEARN project comprises the "Mutual Learning workshops". These workshops aim to foster the sharing of Foresight experience and know-how in Europe. The Mutual Learning workshops provide a common space, a “platform”, for practitioners, Foresight programme managers and policy-makers and other users of Foresight to reflect upon, share, consolidate and transfer experiences and lessons drawn from Foresight processes and methodologies, and their outcomes, in order to make Foresight a more effective policy-support tool.

The FORLEARN mutual learning workshops typically involve between 5 and 15 invited experts. They consist of problem-oriented sessions to exchange experiences and lessons learned.

This section of the online guide presents the outcomes of the FORLEARN mutual learning workshops. It summarises the main messages from the discussions and presents the documents written for these workshops. These include background documents, discussion lines developed in an interactive forum, and expert presentations.

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