2006 Mutual Learning process: Impact of Foresight on policy-making

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Foresight aims to have an impact on policy-making. One purpose of Foresight is to enable policy-makers to make decisions based on a better understanding of change and on an awareness of future risks and uncertainties. Foresight also strengthens the links between decision-making and relevant stakeholder communities so as to build support and commitment. The overall goal is to improve the quality and the effectiveness of policy making.

Over the last 10 years the focus of Foresight has increasingly shifted from the pure production of intelligence to moderating this processes. In the light of this development the FOR-LEARN series of workshops on the impact of Foresight on policy-making aims to revisit the debate and reach a new understanding of what Foresight can and cannot do for policy. At the same time the workshops address more practical problems involved in achieving the policy impact targeted.

Summary of outcomes

The outcomes of the 2006 Mutual Learning process are summarised in this paper accepted for publication in "Technology Analysis and Strategic Management":

Description of events

Currently a series of workshops is bring run, addressing, from different perspectives, the issue of “impact of Foresight on policy”.

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