Case Study: Scenarios for Ambient Intelligence in 2010

Online Foresight Guide

The "Scenarios for Ambient Intelligence in 2010" project aimed to provide guidance for research regarding the strengths and weaknesses of European industry and of Europe's S&T competencies drawing upon the 'Technology Roadmap for Ambient Intelligence', developed by the IPTS and the Information Society Technology Advisory Group (ISTAG) in the context of the IPTS's Futures project.

This work started with the concept of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) as a vision of the future Information Society. The aim was to describe what living with "Ambient Intelligence" might be like for ordinary people in 2010. The emphasis is on greater user-friendliness, more efficient service support, user-empowerment, and support for human interactions. The underlying idea is that people will be surrounded by intelligent intuitive interfaces embedded in various kinds of objects and by an environment that is capable of recognising and responding to the presence of different individuals in a seamless, unobtrusive and often invisible way. The report offers a technology map showing the key technology requirements for AmI up to 2015 and lists some of the social, political, economic and S&T challenges involved.

The main output was four independent scenarios. The scripts were used to identify the key developments in technologies, society, economy and markets necessary to arrive at the scenarios. In-depth studies and roadmapping of the technologies involved were also added so as to ensure the consistency and the coherence of the scenarios, thereby providing a starting point for giving direction to research for the coming years.