Designing the methodology

Online Foresight Guide

An overall methodology should be defined for the exercise early within the design phase. It should be content and results-driven and should also take into account the resources constrains (stakeholders availability, exercise duration, working resources, etc.). The methodology is evolutionary and will be re-defined and refined through the process. It is subject to discussion with the team and stakeholders.

In practical terms it will translate into a set of methods to generate, elicit, structure, synthesise and capture the information at different stages of the process. Finding the appropriate sequence of methods is often one of the most delicate design steps. The methodological framework (i.e. the sequence of methods) needs to evolve and might be re-defined and refined throughout the process depending on your approach to design decisions. It needs to be discussed with the sponsors, the team and other stakeholders.

To adapt to an uncertain and fluctuating environment, a Foresight exercise can be “tailored” or subdivided into specific phases, each focusing on specific objectives.

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