International and multi-national Foresight

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International Foresight

Foresight with a territorial focus wider than one nation or Europe. It is aiming to inform policy making and decision making on all possible levels by elaborating future challenges or visions on a global level. Although this ambitious goal has rarely been attempted yet, it becomes more an more obvious that Foresight of any kind has to take into account developments on a global level. So for example a regional exercise on coastal floading has to develop some ideas on global CO2 production. Foresight on the Future of manufacturing in Europe has to deal with developments of manufacturing and markets in China and India. Accordingtly many current Foresight projects embrace an intenational or global dimension.

Multi-national Foresight

Multi-national Foresight referes to multi-country studies providing a comparative view of an issue across a number of countries e. g as conducted by the APEC Center for Technology Foresight:

You will find some examples of international Foresight exercises in the table of examples.