Deciding upon feasibility

Online Foresight Guide

A Foresight exercise will be justified only by its subsequent impacts. Therefore, before committing substantial resources, one needs to find out whether the specific context allows the exercise to be carried out satisfactorily and yield valuable impacts on the system addressed (be it a country, the Research and Innovation system, the Healthcare system, etc.). This is the essence of the feasibility phase.

There is, of course, no need to give up when just one or other of these problems arises. However, should many barriers be apparent at this juncture, Foresight might not be the adequate approach. While assessing the feasibility of the exercise, the option to completely abort the exercise should be left open. This might be better for the sake of sponsor's money and professional credibility than a failed exercise.

It should lead to a formal decision, taken in coordination by the sponsors and the coordinator, to proceed, to refocus or to cancel the project. If favourable, this decision should be validated by the Steering Committee (if already set up).

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