Objectives of Foresight

Online Foresight Guide

The objectives of a Foresight exercise must be clearly stated, internally consistent and (at least initially) avoid being too specific. This is important to gain widespread support for the exercise early on, although care must be taken not to promise too much to too many players. Ideally, the objectives should be debated by the key players in order to ensure early buy-in to the exercise.

Typical objectives of Foresight exercises include:

Done well, Foresight is more a process than an academic study, and the involvement and mobilisation of regional actors is one of the key success factors and can be seen as an objective in itself.

To achieve its objectives Foresight facilitates a process of systematic collective reflection on the long-term future. This process of reflection can have several outcomes and benefits.

The results of Foresight are generally fed into public decision making, but they also help participants themselves to develop or adjust their strategies. Thus Foresight functions as an alternative policy instrument suitable for addressing the challenges of governance within complex systems.

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