About FOR-LEARN and the On-Line Foresight Guide

Online Foresight Guide

What is FOR-LEARN?

The FOR-LEARN project aimed at consolidating and improving accessibility to Foresight knowledge and know-how, advancing Foresight knowledge and promoting Foresight throughout Europe. The most important outcome of this project is the FOR-LEARN On-line Foresight Guide. It guides users throughout the critical steps of design, implementation and follow-up of a Foresight project and gives a description of the main methods that can be used. Clear and easy-to-access information is provided, with real case illustrative examples. It is today a unique resource on Foresight and its techniques, and it is used by the community of Foresight practitioners and by those who want to learn how to apply Foresight in policy development.

The FOR-LEARN project as part of the European Foresight Knowledge Sharing Platform

Before the 6th Framework Programme (FP6) Europe had no platform or space where lessons could be shared on how to conduct and how to use the results of a Foresight exercise. With the start of FP6 the European Commission's Directorate General for Research launched the "European Science and Technology Foresight Knowledge Sharing Platform". Its aim was to provide a coherent supportive framework at European level to ensure systematic use and optimum benefit of Foresight, and to identify and mobilise all relevant actors to enable EU-wide networking and capacity building. As a part of this initiative JRC-IPTS conducted the FOR-LEARN project, funded by DG Research. It has become one of the cornerstones of the Foresight Knowledge Sharing Platform .

What next?

The On-line Foresight Guide has become a reference tool in the field. It has been widely employed to provide tailored support to new EU Member States, Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries. The Guide website receives approximately 5000 monthly visits (early 2008). FP6 has now come to an end. JRC-IPTS intends to further update and adapt the Guide during FP7 and beyond.